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Dealer And Customer Benefit Statement

Reduce costs and improve bottom line.
Eliminate costly service expenses for problems that can and should be resolved.
• Fuel-related service calls and "call backs" can be eliminated.
• Nozzle and Filter plugging can be stopped.
• More time available for profitable service work.
• Reduced costs improve margins.
Retain customers and maximize profits.
Eliminate the problems that send customers to the competition.

Add values to your products and services that your competition is not providing.
FMS's Fuel Manager Program.
• Stops aggravating fuel-related service calls and "No Heats."
• Helps to differentiate your company from the others.
• Marketing an enhanced fuel leaves the customer with the perception that you are doing more for him than a competitor.
• Customer retention improves profit.
Win new customers.
Give your sales and marketing team a competitive edge. Provide benefits to consumers that they are not getting from their current supplier.

More benefits, especially in a commodity business, yield more sales. Satisfied customers provide a solid reference list and word of mouth advertising.
An FMS enhanced fuel is:
• Cleaner burning and more efficient, thereby reducing fuel consumption and saving the customer money.
• More reliable, reducing the chance of a system failure and a cold house, and saving the customer the expense of a service call.
• More environmentally friendly. Reduces emissions by improving combustion efficiency.

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