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ILFC Ten 35 Combustion Catalyst


ILFC Ten 35 Combustion Catalyst is a burn-rate modifier and lubricant in one. This unique fuel oil treatment package contains oil-soluble organometallic compounds. It is designed to be completely soluble in fuel oils and can be added directly to fuels in storage.


ILFC Ten 35 Combustion Catalyst provides you with greater fuel efficiency. In comparative tests, the additive decreased combustible carbon residue 60 to 90 percent. These results are evidence of more complete combustion. Also, the resulting lower carbon residue indicates more BTUs (power) per pound of fuel were burned. Thus the effect of ILFC Ten 35 Combustion Catalyst burn-rate modifier is twofold. More complete combustion produces more useful energy while reducing soot and smoke.


Combustion Catalyst includes a proprietary formula to stabilize fuel in storage. Fuel oil begins to repolymerize as soon as it is refined. Polymerization forms submicronic particles. As the process continues, particles become larger and agglomerate, forming macroscopic sludge that plugs filters and atomizers and eventually renders the fuel unpumpable.

ILFC Ten 35 Combustion Catalyst disperses existing macroscopic sludge, retards further polymerization and permits fuel to be stored indefinitely. Other ingredients include a corrosion inhibitor to retard internal tank corrosion; and a detergent to help keep lines, filters and atomizers clean.
  • Combustion Catalysts - Improves combustion efficiency.
  • Polymerization Retardant - Keeps diesel fuel pumpable and combustible.
  • Dispersant - Eliminates filter plugging and injector scoring.
  • Corrosion Inhibitor - Retards internal corrosion and fouling of fuel tanks.
  • Demulsifier - Removes water from the fuel.
  • Lubricant - Lubricates the fuel system.
  • Detergent - Cleans injectors.
  • Reduces fuel consumption while increasing HP.
  • Reduces emissions.
  • Permits perpetual fuel storage.


ILFC Ten 35 Combustion Catalyst is formulated to be completely soluble in fuels and is designed to be added directly to fuels in storage at a rate of 1 gallon per 10,000 gallons of distillate fuel or as necessary based on scientific testing.

6.9 lb. per gallon
Lt. amber
flash point (pmcc)
153° f
Solubility in fuel
100 percent
Viscosity @ 40° c
12.9 cps

The information contained in this bulletin is to the best of our knowledge accurate; but since the circumstances and conditions to which it may be used are beyond our control, we do not accept liability for any loss or damage that may occur, nor do we offer any warrantee of immunity against patent infringement.

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