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Low Pour

Low Pour


Low Pour is formulated to reduce the pour point and improve the reliability of middle distillates in cold weather.

Recommended Treat Rate

Low Pour is typically used at 1 gallon to 2,000 gallons of fuel oil for optimum results. 1 pint will treat 275 gallons.

Blending Recommendation

Low Pour performs best when added to the fuel at temperatures above the cloud point of fuel.

Performance Features

  • Inhibits Wax crystal growth
  • Reduces Fuel Pour Point up to 25° F
  • 1 gallon treats 2,000 gallons of middle distillate fuel
  • Minimizes the need for #1 dilution for pour point reduction

White opaque liquid
Specific Gravity
Density, lbs./gal
Additive pour point
-25° f
Flash point
150° f
Viscosity @ 40° c

low pour bottle


  • 12 pints/case
  • 55 gallon drum
  • 275 gallon tote
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