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Managing New Fuels

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New fuels such as biodiesel and low sulfur heating oil will soon be prevalent throughout the Oilheat industry, creating new challenges for distributors. As you introduce these fuels, or prepare to roll them out, you will benefit by understanding their properties and choosing additives that address their unique characteristics.

If you do encounter issues with these fuels or if you want protection before any problems occur, we can help. Our fuel additives limit the risks to heating systems by offering solutions to the following problems that might occur with today's new fuels:

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• Dispersing Particulates • Stability • Cold Flow • Quality • Overall Performance

Another common problem when switching to Bioheat® or ULSD is solvency. These new fuels act like a solvent to resins and particulates that have accumulated in the tank, which results in an increased number of nozzle and filter issues. To solve this problem use UltraGuard - as well as good tank management practices - before and after the introduction of the new fuel to the heating system.

Fuel Management Services has the background, research, and both laboratory and field-testing in place to respond to issues that arise with traditional Oilheat as well as new challenges that could emerge when introducing today's new fuels. Fuel Management Services can even customize a unique fuel additive package solution that can help you maximize performance and minimize repairs and service calls.

Please talk to us about treating biodiesel or low-sulfur fuels. For more information, fill out our contact form with any questions you may have.


"Luck Stone Corporation, an aggregate producer with quarries located throughout Virginia and North Carolina, has been using Fuel Management Services 1032 fuel inhibitor to minimize the microbial vulnerability present in today's Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel fuel with marked success. With millions of gallons burned in our off road equipment yearly, the additive provided to our fuel supplier by Fuel Management Services has been extremely effective at keeping our fuel free from insoluble gums and particulate matter...
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-Luck Stone Corporation

"We have been using your services for the last 8 years to manage our fuel quality through annual fuel analysis and additive treatments for our low sulfur fuel we have in storage. We have compared other products to the ILFC Ten32 and we have not found any other product that is more cost effective than that you offer. Your analysis service is easy to use and your team supplies the analysis in a timely manner, and it clearly states what needs to be done...
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-Holden Power Plant

"Please add my name to your list of very satisfied customers. Seven years ago, I installed a new Armstrong oil furnace in my rental property. Three years later,shortly after installing a new above-ground 275 gal. oil tank, I was plagued with numerous tenant complaints of "no heat", or "the furnace stopped running in the middle of the night". Something was causing the furnace to go into a hard lockout for no apparent reason...
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- Boston Spice and Tea Company

"...we have reduced our fuel related service calls that cost us money. In addition, we have improved our customer satisfaction in a competitive business. Comments from our service technicians regarding cleaner fuel and cleaner equipment support our experience."
- Region Oil

"I wanted to briefly inform you of our experience and succes with your additive products during the last five years...This has helped us to retain customers and retain customers and increase business over the years."
- Hough Petroleum

"[your] additive package solved the problem and improved our reputation."
- Princeton Fuel Oil Co.

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